Putting the Power of Data
in the Hands of the People

Medicare is leading the charge on patient-centric data sharing so patients, providers, and health systems can help all beneficiaries live better

Blue Button 2.0

Blue Button, and the Blue Button Logo are registered service marks owned by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

While EHR vendors continue to fight against interoperability, the Blue Button 2.0 API is already helping patients, providers, and health systems bring medical data to life. Blue Button allows patients to instantly and easily share years of full, longitudinal health data with providers, family members, and care managers who help them manage their health.

We share Medicare’s vision for patient-centric data sharing. That’s why we’ve built our analytic models, our API, and MedRecordsConnect™—one of the first apps approved to use Blue Button data—to turn raw health data from Blue Button into the insights that patients and their caregivers need to stay healthy, get better, or manage their care.