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Transcending the current use of healthcare data and revolutionizing its value to society.

Unlocking data to deliver better healthcare.


HDAI’s healthcare analytics platform bypasses the problem of data overload and disparate systems and instead arms healthcare professionals with a consolidated profile of a patient’s entire journey through the healthcare system — highlighting major diagnoses, prescriptions, care episodes, and risk, regardless of the patient’s care location. We give clinicians visibility to individualized indicators of longevity, health status, outcomes and cost of care, while remaining system agnostic and fully interoperable.

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Gain access to customizable and actionable data available at point of care for asynchronous care management, including dynamic and baseline risk as well as weighted patient history.

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Unlock high resolution visibility to medical encounters and individualized impacts on patient health.

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Facilitate better interactions between patient and provider, and equip patients and their families and caregivers with tools and analytics to support their health journey.


Enhance risk stratification and financial analytics to manage cost and outcomes for both patients and populations.


We are Making Data Human.