Making Healthcare Human

Our insights can impact how providers care for their patients, how patients care for themselves, and how health systems and physician groups manage their operations. But it doesn’t stop there.

On demand analytics

The healthcare industry is under pressure to do everything at once: Save money. Improve outcomes. Move to preventative care. Foster innovation. Educate. Go paperless. Glean value from the data in their EMRs. And reach toward value-based care.

Most of the time, institutions and doctors are being asked to do this without easy access to an accurate health history, wrestling every day with EHRs that were supposed to save time and make more data available. Instead, providers can end up spending the visit serving machines like data entry personnel instead of serving the patient’s they got into medicine to help. They’re being asked to take a long view of their patient’s health while often being short on information and short on time.

Our predictive platform bypasses the problem of data overload and disparate systems, and instead arms healthcare professionals with a consolidated profile of a patient’s entire journey through the healthcare system.

As part of the evolution, patients were turned into lines and lines of data. We take the 1s and 0s and turn them back into a person.

We are making data human — for clinicians and the patients they care for.

Gain access to customizable and actionable data available at point of care for asynchronous care management, including dynamic and baseline risk as well as weighted patient history.

Unlock high resolution visibility to medical encounters and individualized impacts on patient health.

Facilitate better interactions between patient and provider, and equip patients and their families and caregivers with tools and analytics to support their health journey.

Enhance risk stratification and financial analytics to manage cost and outcomes for both patients and populations.

Explore the Possibilities

Possibilities for Clinicians

EHRs have created more work for clinicians, not less.  They have more data, but less insight.  We can create health summaries for providers that show patients’ health status, prescriptions, providers, and encounters with the healthcare system—all on one page, ordered by what matters, with the ability to understand risk so providers can manage it.  What if we could unlock the power of healthcare data so providers are better equipped to focus on what matters for their patients?

Possibilities for Patients – Health Picture

HDAI has always had a simple philosophy. We believe that patients have an inherent right to access their own data with minimal hassle and to use this information for shared decision-making with doctors and family caregivers. By creating Health Picture, we are making this philosophy a practical reality for everyone on traditional Medicare and their family caregivers who are struggling to navigate the confusing world of health data. Health Picture is a web application built with stringent security and user-friendly displays, that delivers AI-driven insights directly to consumers.

Consumers can now find the Health Picture web application at Health Picture, designed for use by seniors, summarizes and adds to personal health records and includes future risks of developing chronic conditions or being hospitalized. Users control what they see by opting in or out of depending on their preferences. Seniors can also provide trusted caregivers with access to their medical histories.

Possibilities for Health Systems and Physician Group Leaders

Hospital and physician networks are increasingly at risk for outcomes—and even the total cost of care—for the patients they serve, without the tools they need to understand and manage that risk.  What if administrators had granular data on their patients’ health and cost risks, with the ability to identify, understand, and address the major drivers of clinical and financial performance?