An Institute of Excellence

We believe the future is to unlock the potential of health data across uses in patient care, clinical efficacy, appropriateness of care and public health.

The power of supervised AI

AI can do a lot of things. It can recognize voices and fly drones. It can solve complex equations and play poker. It can even tell you which people will score higher on IQ tests by what they like on social media. But it can’t tell you why. AI will give you a good answer, but it won’t give you insight. That’s why we believe the only way to make data human is by using humans every step of the way. Pairing the latest machine learning techniques with context, deep medical knowledge, and common sense makes our prediction engines powerful, accurate, meaningful and human.

Built on a strong foundation of research


We are intensely curious and deeply committed to research that improves clinical care, health system management, and drug development.  We partner closely with leading practitioners and academics to answer some of the most pressing questions in their fields.  Our published and ongoing research include:

  • Development of cost, mortality, and other risk models that provide granular insights into the expected outcomes for patients and populations
  • Evaluations of outcomes for common high-cost procedures, devices, and drugs
  • Creation of a range of in-hospital and post-discharge risk indicators built in partnership with a major academic medical center, with the goal of improving surgical outcomes
  • Studies on trends and impact of opioid prescribing for post-operative patients, including years of follow-up
  • Analysis of long-term care needs, availability of services, and associated costs, to help policymakers improve how seniors age
  • Care disparity analysis based on socioeconomics

We measure our success not just by the research we do but by the work we enable for others—and the collective impact we have for patients. That’s why we have built an API that includes dozens of predictors and counting, all available at no cost to researchers.  If you are an academic or health system researcher looking to incorporate risk models into your work, please get in touch.

Our rigorous approach to research and model development