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Scott Greenwald, Ph.D.

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Scott Greenwald, Ph.D. is the Chief Scientist and VP of Research of Health Data Analytics Institute. Dr. Greenwald has over 25 years experience managing development of innovative medical technologies and conducting analytical research. Dr. Greenwald previously served as VP of Technology for Hemedex, Inc., Sr. Director of Advanced Research for Covidien, and VP of Research for Aspect Medical Systems, Inc., creators of the Risk Stratification Index (RSI) and the Bispectral Index (BIS). Dr. Greenwald has broad technical and clinical research expertise in data mining, algorithm development, statistics, and outcomes research. He has authored 10+ US Patents and 100+ peer-reviewed abstracts and manuscripts.


Greenwald earned a BSE in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering from Duke University and an SM in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. Dr. Greenwald received his Ph.D. in Medical Engineering from the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST), which included medical training at Harvard Medical School and clinical training at the Mount Auburn Hospital and MGH. His doctoral research utilizing Expert System technologies was conducted within the Clinical Decision Making Group of MIT’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.