The Data Revolution

Recent decades have brought the digitization of most American health records—at great cost, but lacking value.  Data alone, no matter how widely available or reliably shared, remains a tool—not a solution. We have created analytics and products that fundamentally transform how the healthcare system, longevity and insurance markets, and life sciences firms operate.

Our Story

The Health Data Analytics Institute (HDAI) is the leader in using risk-adjusted predictive analytics that can drive measurable improvements in healthcare. Our team of executives, technologists, and data scientists have spent the last 20 years developing proprietary approaches for rapidly building and scaling rigorous risk adjustment models that can be used to assess a particular clinical approach, drug, or technique—or to quantify an individual’s risk profile—against thousands of clinical endpoints.

Our orientation is relentlessly pragmatic, taking on the minimum level of analytic complexity necessary to solve discrete use cases. By applying supervised machine learning models to existing structured data sets, we achieve results that are equivalent or superior to the most sophisticated neural net/deep learning models.  The difference is that our models are fully transparent, well calibrated across risk levels, stable within subpopulations, and easy to understand—a key requirement in facilitating clinician acceptance and uptake.  More data too often means more work and more confusion; we aim instead to synthesize and demystify, providing insights rather than data points.

Using our proprietary methodologies, we can identify which diagnoses, demographics, and procedures are most important in driving a particular outcome—and then match patients of comparable risk levels at extremely fine resolutions.  This allows us to develop highly predictive models that quantify patient risk of mortality, readmission, complications, and the development or progression of specific disease states.  We are making these predictors available through an API—available at no cost to researchers—and designing solutions for healthcare delivery, life sciences, and longevity markets.

The next step of a 35-year big data journey

Meet the Team

We have built a predictive platform using deep analytics experience, and disruptive technology and techniques. And it’s all supported by a strong foundation of people who are dedicated to unlocking insights about health and wellness, risk trajectory, and longevity.


We are a forward-thinking analytics team comprised of data engineers and scientists working alongside seasoned leaders with decades of experience in healthcare, life sciences, big data, compliance, and technology. The blend produces a dynamic team committed to bringing value to health information for the good of society.