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Predictive Analytics

Transforming data into insights

We build data analytics that deliver insights—quickly and transparently—to solve real problems for patients, populations, and ACOs.

We generate personalized data analytics for each of your patients, every year—from cost of care and adverse event risk to the likelihood of developing chronic conditions—so you know what to expect and how a patient’s health status is changing.

We extract patient data from EHRs, payer APIs and other sources, and we provide predictions where and how you need them.

You’re strapped for time and resources, and you need answers, not time-consuming data analytics projects. That’s why we deploy our pre-built and validated analytics, without extracting and training models on your data and we can build new predictors for your specific use cases.

Get better insights faster

Designed to bring value at the population level and at the point of care

Data analytics

Population health

Predictive analytics

Health Vision Insights

You can’t manage your ACO patient population with a single number. Instead of giving you a general risk score, we predict dozens of specific risks. Those predictions—at the individual patient level, by provider, by group, and for your full population—can help your care teams prioritize, coordinate, and improved outcomes and shared savings.

How our tools help ACOs and other Value-based networks

Compare your complication, utilization, and cost outcomes with clinically-similar cohorts at other organizations and identify actionable opportunities for improvement

Compare your provider and group performance to each other and to others with similar patient populations

Prioritize rising risk patients with high likelihood of hospital, ER, or SNF utilization

Optimize selection process for building your network of partner providers

Predictive analytics



Our tools use data analytics to make sense of an individual’s health history, with curation that helps you understand their past and predictions that help you anticipate—and shape—their future health outcomes.

How our tools help

Data analytics

Simple, at a glance, patient history of health system interactions such as visits, medications, diagnoses

Shared, unified view of patient risk to improve care coordination

Specific predictions of future complications, excess length of stay, discharge destinations and readmissions

Pre-operative and in-hospital risk profiles to inform staffing and care planning

Predictive analytics


Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics

Health Picture

For consumers who want to understand their own health, Googling symptoms isn’t good enough. Health Picture is a free, web-based application that gives patients access to their own health data. With Health Picture, individuals can become better informed about current and future health risks. The app also enables secure data sharing with doctors and family care-givers.

Predictive analytics


Backward-looking curation and forward-looking predictors to give you a full view of all activity 

Includes permission-based connections with clinicians and family caregivers

Built with stringent privacy protections and user-friendly displays

Includes opt in or out for viewing personalized health predictions for hospitalization, chronic conditions, and COVID-19

Includes intuitive set-up to link personal data (CMS Blue Button or Payer API feeds)

Predictive analytics


Our Advisory Services teams work with to you achieve long-lasting health outcomes improvement

Advanced Analytics Advisory Services

Taking a deeper dive into your data to unveil insights around clinical performance. This service is available to health systems, value-based care organizations, and payers.

With privileged access to large public databases, we can provide insights to drive your network and population health strategy.

Hospital to SNF referral patterns

SNF clinical program strengths and weakness

How you can improve on national rankings of quality

Disease treatment outcomes

Physician performance comparisons and rank-ordered prioritization

Care Management Advisory Services

To support our customers with limited capacity, we offer advisors who work with your teams to act on predicted risks and educate providers on how the risks could be avoided. While these services are available ad hoc, we offer a full-service option that includes:

Targeting patients at risk of unplanned admission (including disease-specific admissions such as HF and COPD exacerbation)

Measuring results of interventions

Research support (what is working for HF patients like this?)

Weekly meetings to review any changes on the list of patients

Action planning for Annual Wellness Visit, Chronic Care Management, Advanced Care Planning visits

Grand Rounds style educational seminar monthly to the practice physicians and office staff

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