Population Health. Providers. Individuals. Researchers.

Transforming data into insights

We build AI predictors that deliver insights—quickly and transparently—to solve real problems for patients and populations.

We generate personalized predictions for each of your patients, every year—from cost of care and adverse event risk to the likelihood of developing chronic conditions—so you know what to expect and how a patient’s health status is changing.

We extract patient data from EHRs, payer APIs and other sources, and we provide predictions where and how you need them.

You’re strapped for time and resources, and you need answers, not time-consuming data science projects. That’s why we deploy our pre-built and validated predictors, without extracting and training models on your data and we can build new predictors for your specific use cases, usually in weeks.

Get better insights faster

Designed to bring value at the population level and at the point of care

Population health

Health Vision

You can’t manage your patient population with a single number. Instead of giving you a general risk score, we predict dozens of specific risks. Those predictions—at the individual patient level, by provider, by group, and for your full population—can help your care teams prioritize, coordinate, and improve cost and outcomes.

How our tools help

Contracting and network design insights

Predictive analytics to enable management of future costs and care resource utilization

Provider and group assessments using clinically similar risk cohorts


Health Vision

Our tools use AI to make sense of an individual’s health history, with curation that helps you understand their past and predictions that help you anticipate—and shape—their future outcomes.

How our tools help

Curated patient health histories and full risk-profiles

Shared, unified view of patient risk to improve care coordination

Specific predictions of future complications, excess length of stay, discharge destinations and readmissions

Pre-operative and in-hospital risk profiles to inform staffing and care planning


Health Picture

Googling your symptoms isn’t good enough. Health Picture is a free, web-based application that provides patients access to their own healthcare data. With Health Picture, you can be better informed about your current health and health related risks and equipped to share decision-making with doctors and family caregivers on your terms.


Backward-looking curation and forward-looking predictions to give you a full view of your health

Includes permission-based connections with doctors and family caregivers

Built with stringent privacy protections and user-friendly displays

Includes opt in or out for viewing personalized health predictions for hospitalization, chronic conditions, and COVID-19

Includes intuitive set-up to link personal data (Blue Button or Payer API feeds)

Real World Evidence (RWE) studies

Faced with limited time and finances, policy makers, academics, researchers, pharma and medical device companies can benefit from our cost-effective approaches to large-scale outcomes research projects.

How our tools help

Evaluate outcomes for common high-cost procedures, devices, and drugs, with rigorous matching to clinically similar patient cohorts based on HDAI predictors

Inform public health priorities, with special focus on the 65 and older population

Study specific interventions, including years of follow-up

Analyze seniors’ long-term care needs, availability of services, and associated costs

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