Better information. Better decisions.
Better outcomes.

With unique access to the most comprehensive health data available, our proven methodologies and technology empower users — from physicians to consumers — with new opportunities in healthcare and beyond.

An extraordinary dataset – unlocked by superior modeling

We can apply our validated models to your data and start generating insights today. Our models are generalizable and transferable across health systems and geographic regions. This means we don’t need to spend months and terabytes of institutional data learning about a specific population or information system unique to a facility. We leverage the wealth of information in longitudinal health data to create, test and validate our models to unlock insights about wellness and longevity. Our experience harnessing medical data to predict outcomes dates back to 2002, with landmark publications in 2010, 2017, and 2018.

The numbers.

Our data encompasses over 100 MILLION lives, and over 20 years of follow-up – all represented in TENS of BILLIONS of healthcare interactions.

We adhere to the highest standards of validation and methodology.

Our predictive platform integrates massive and carefully curated health data with supervised predictive analytics, advanced forecasting systems and actuarial science to deliver broadly applicable models for longevity, health status, outcomes and costs.

The HDAI Platform

We have built a widely available, validated health analytics platform built on de-identified health data for 100 million Americans over 20 years. This platform includes dozens of predictors and growing, with the potential to unlock insights that reshape healthcare and other industries. We will provide individualized risk for dozens of outcomes, from surgical complications to development of specific disease states to mortality. Through Medicare’s Blue Button program, 50 million people today (and 120 million next year) are able to share their health data so they—and their loved ones—can better understand their health risks and trajectories.

Predictive Engines

  • Best-in-class accuracy
  • Near-perfect calibration
  • Scientifically validated peer-reviewed and published methodology

High Resolution Models

  • Generalizable and transferable across geographies and populations
  • Dynamic design captures new information as individuals and populations age
  • Increased resolution of individualized health and risk

On-Demand Analytics

  • Leverages EHR data and Blue Button to power real-time assessments and insights
  • No institutional learning data set required
  • Tens of models allow customization for a wide range of use cases

Patient-Centric Design

  • Ability to connect models to individuals in real time
  • Dynamic, high-level summaries that can be drilled down into
  • Created to enhance the quality of interactions between providers, patients and families


Improving clinical care and healthcare management

Healthcare Solutions

We apply our proprietary methodologies to data on the full range of healthcare services—including hospital services, ambulatory care, home care, and prescription fills—for 100 million Americans, which allows us to identify the diagnoses, demographics, and procedures that drive key outcomes. This allows us to develop highly predictive models that quantify patient risk of mortality, readmission, complications, and the development or progression of specific disease states. We have developed dashboards, reports, API endpoints, and other analytics to help providers and health systems manage their costs and outcomes.


Bringing speed and fairness to the underwriting process

Insurance should help people retire securely and look out for their families and loved ones, at fair prices and without invasive medical exams. Too often insurers reject people with medical impairments or take months—and require medical records, physicals, and lab tests—only to provide an unfair quote. We can help insurers and purchasers identify fairly priced products to protect people’s financial futures, without long delays or burdensome medical requirements.

Life Sciences

Real-world insights to improve drug discovery

Drug development is costly, slow, and scattershot, and the promise of personalized medicine remains as distant as ever. The experience of hundreds of clinical trial participants dictates treatments for tens of millions of real-world patients. With our proprietary high-resolution risk matching methodology applied to a data set of 60 million people today, we can identify which drugs are working, how well, and for which patients. The promise is greater drug safety, more personalized prescribing, new indications for existing treatments, and ultimately better outcomes for patients.